Let’s brush up our drawing skills, together

We are not another drawing school. We are a club, a community of people who want to improve their craft and skills through regular art practice.

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Real time online sessions

We meet up every two weeks in our virtual drawing atelier. Each time there is a fun topic like still life or portrait or figure drawing, each participant is a performer and an artist at the same time.

We dress up or prepare still life compositions and then draw each other’s creations. At the end of the session you have a whole array of sketches that you can put into your portfolio, show on social media, or just stack in the drawer to track your progress.

We speak English, Russian, German, French, bits of Spanish and Italian.

Video tutorials

Every 2 weeks we release a new video tutorial packed with our personal know how’s and how-to’s for you to try out in the comfort of your own home at our own pace.

illustration by Yulia Drobova

Monthly themes

Each month we do an in-depth exploration of a new theme in order to broaden our skillset and enrich our visual vocabulary. This month's theme is Sketchbook as an experimental lab.

Join us to take a deep dive and create something marvellous!

Live workshops

Occasionally we organise real live meet-ups, drawing sessions and workshops in Berlin.

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Monthly bulletins

Every month we show sneak peeks of our work, pick inspiring artists and illustrators, tutorials and articles, share competitions and review materials.

We work on widening our horizons and overcome creative blocks through using different materials, experiments and exercises. There is no art form we wouldn’t like to try out! We motivate and guide each other. So what are you waiting for?

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